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Corruption is a Curse

Corruption is a Curse

Corruption, is a ten alphabet word but destroying the community as a whole. It is a general concept describing any organized, interdependent system in which part of the system is either not performing duties it was originally intended to, or performing them in an improper way, to the detriment of the system's original purpose.

There are many types of corruption some of them are as under:

Decomposition: This is an advance type of corruption where all the major units can be destroyed. Major changes caused in the total structure of political / administrative system. This happened everywhere where the system is weak.

Political corruption: dysfunctions of a political system or institution in which public officials seek illegitimate personal gain through actions such as bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, patronage, graft, and embezzlement. It's a common corruption in all third world countries.

Police corruption: a type of political corruption that infects police departments. In corrupt political system, powerful parties always want to cause harm to the opposite party. So they use police system for this.

Data corruption: Interruption of the transmission of data from one place to other to change the original one to have some financial benefits

Language corruption: Change of words, part of text or interpret the original text to have the benefits for individual or a typical group of persons

Corrupting the youth: Minds of youths are the lights of future. No nation can have a better future if the minds of youth are corrupt. If youths are corrupt the future of the nation is on risk. The youth with sick mind can never help the nation in better future.

Why Corruption?

It is closely associated with an unequal income distribution and concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, there emerges a distorted consumption pattern aimed at meeting the lifestyle of the new and extremely rich urban elite. This involves import of a large variety of luxury goods from abroad - flashy cars, lavish home furnishings, state-of-the-art consumer durables and electronic products, fashion clothing, exotic perfumes, expensive foodstuffs, fine wines and spirits, and fancy goods of all kinds that can be found in supermarkets and department stores of any prosperous Asian city in the heyday of the region's economic boom. Most of these goods are, of course, beyond the reach of ordinary citizens in the cities and in the countryside. Conspicuous consumption with expensive cars cruising along dirt roads, and conspicuous construction with luxury apartment buildings rising amidst poverty and squalor, bring home the point that affluence is not widely shared in these countries.

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