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Latitudes and longitudes are imaginary lines drawn on a map.

Latitudes run from West to East while Longitudes run from North to South.

Latitudes are measured in Degree North or South of the Equator while longitudes are measured in degrees East or West of the prime meridian

The Equator is the latitude located at 0°  while the Prime Meridian is the longitude located at 0°

All latitudes are measured from the Equator while all longitudes are measured from Prime meridian.

All longitudes are also called meridians

All longitudes and the equator are Great Circle. They are called Great circles because they divide the earth into two equal halves.

The equator divides the Earth into two Equal Halves called hemispheres, Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

The earth’s Circumference is approximately 40000km

The distance from one latitude to another is 111km


The distance from the equator to latitude 10°

=  10 x 111km = 1110km.


The distance from the Equator to latitude 23°

= 23 x 111km = 2553km

More examples:


Find the distance from latitude 45° N to latitude 32°S.


If they are in the same direction, you will subtract the degrees. If they are in different directions i.e. South and North, you will add the degrees, that is the first stage. From our question one is South and the other is North so take 45° + 32° = 77°

Therefore multiply the answer by 111km because the distance from one latitude to another is 111km.

Therefore 77 x 111km = 8547km that is the distance between latitude 45°N and 32°S



What is the distance between latitude 57°S and 23°S?


Step 1, same direction, subtract the degrees:

57° - 23° = 35°

Step 2, multiply the answer by 111km:

 35  x 111km = 3885km

The distance between latitude 57°S and 23°S is 3885km



If you travelled along longitude from latitude 10°N to the latitude 12°S, what distance would you cover?


Step 1, different direction, add the degrees:

10° - 12° = 22°

Step 2, multiply the answer by 111km:

 22 x 111km = 2442km

The distance between latitude 10°N and 12°S is 2442km

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 Part 2 (Longitude and Time).

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