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Beef farming means keeping animals for meat production.

Beef farming is practiced in areas with low rainfall because those areas are not suitable for crop growing.

The beef breeds commonly kept are Aberdeen Angus, Red Poll, and indigenous beef cattle in Tanzania are Zebu and Boran.

In Tanzania beef cattle are kept in ranches such as Kongwa ranch in Dodoma, Kalambo ranch in Rukwa, Mzeri Ranch in Tanga Kitengule and Misenyi ranch in kagera, Mkata and Dakawa Ranch in Morogoro, West Kilimanjaro Ranch in Kilimanjaro, Uvinza ranch in Kigoma and Manyara ranch in Manyara

Areas in Tanzania where traditional livestock keeping is done to high degree are Shinyanga, Mwanza, Dodoma, Arusha and Mara.

In Argentina, beef farming is practiced in temperate grass land called Pampas. The ranches in Argentina are called Estancia. Argentina is the country in South America continent. The capital city of Argentina is  Buenos Aires.

Farmers in Argentina plant grass like Alfalfa which is used as pasture.

Argentina is the leading country for livestock keeping or cattle rearing.



Sheep farming refers to the keeping of sheep for meat and wool. The meat of sheep is called mutton.

The country which leads in sheep farming in Africa is South Africa,  there, Sheep are kept for mutton and wool.

The breeds of sheep kept in South Africa are Merino for wool and Afrikaner for mutton.  Another country which practices sheep keeping in large scale is Australia.

In Australia and South Africa the sheep are basically kept for Meat and wool. Another country which is the chief producer of wool sheep is New Zealand.



  1. Mention three leather products
  2. What does the word livestock mean?
  3. Give only three examples of tamed animals.
  4. What products do we get when we keep domestic animals?
  5. Define livestock keeping.
  6. Is livestock keeping one of agricultural practice?
  7. What is overgrazing?
  8. What is zero grazing?
  9. What is desertification
  10. Which dam along river Nile preserves water for irrigation in Egypt for cotton cultivation?
  11. The irrigation scheme in Sudan deals with which crop?
  12. Mediterranean countries are famous for the production of ……………………..
  13. The two famous regions in Tanzania for cotton growing are ……… and ……..
  14. The biggest producer of Uranium is ...
  15. The crops which are chiefly exported by Tanzania are ….., ….. , …..   and   ….
  16. The leading country for wheat agriculture in Africa is …………….



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