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What is Agriculture?
Agriculture refers to the economic activity which deals with cultivation of crops and animal keeping.

The word agriculture may also be referred to as farming.

The following are the types of agriculture
(i) Arable agriculture
(ii) pastoral agriculture
(iii) Mixed agriculture

Arable agriculture means cultivation of crops such as cereal, vegetables or plants.

Pastoral agriculture means keeping of animals for the purpose of getting meat, milk, eggs, wool, cheese, hides and skins.
Animals which are kept are sometimes referred to as livestock.
The plants or vegetation which livestock eat are referred to as pasture.

Keeping large number of animals on a large piece of land is referred to as ranching. The large piece of land where animals are kept is called ranch.

Mixed agriculture means cultivation of crops and keeping of animals on the same farm.


1. Shifting cultivation
This is the farming system in which a farmer shifts from one piece of land which lost its fertility to a new fertile land. The farmer does not return, if the farmer returns that will be rotational bush fallowing.

2. Subsistence farming
This is the farming system for the purpose of home use only such as food.

3. Commercial farming
This is the farming system practiced for the purpose of selling and making profit. Commercial farming for crops is also known as cash crop farming and for animals is also known as livestock ranching.

4. Nomadic farming
This is the keeping of animals by shifting from one place to another in search for pasture and water.

Cotton grown in temperature over 25 and rainfall of 800mm to 1000mm and the most preferred soil is black waxy type which is rich in minerals. In Tanzania cotton is grown in areas around lake victoria such as Mwanza, Shinyanga, Kagera, and also Tabora, Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Tanga, Morogoro and Iringa. Cotton growing in Tanzania depends on rain.
Egypt is the country found in Africa, the capital city of Egypt is Cairo. Cotton growing in Egypt depends on the irrigation system because there is no enough rainfall. Egypt depends on the river Nile for irrigation.
The Aswan Dam in Egypt is very essential for irrigation. Some parts, people use ancient system of irrigation by using a device called Shadoof.

Note that most of the farms along river Nile are practiced cotton growing because of ease of irrigation with River Nile water.

Example Gezira in Sudan is Famous for Cotton growing

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 Part 2 (Maize growing).

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