HOMEWORK 4.2 pre-STD 7
  1. Simplify:


  1. 30 pupils can weed a farm for 40 days. If 10 pupils are added how long will it take them to finish up the farm?
  2. After depositing 72,000/= in CRDB bank Jack got an interest of sh. 58,320. What was the annual interest rate if the money was in a bank for 3 years?
  3. The cost of sending a telegram of 39 words is sh. 216.45. Find the cost of each extra word if the first 10 words cost sh. 180.20.
  4. 2/5 of Aba’s salary is used as follow: 2/5 for banking, three quarters of the remained amount for food and he remained with sh. 2,520/=. Find the money to be banked.
  5. The age of Alphonce is 1/3 of her sister. After 12 years her age will be a half of her sister. What is Alphonce’s current age?
  6. Kakulima deposited shs. 760,000 in a bank that provided 20% interest per year. Find the interest he obtained after nine months.
  7. Jukali’s shop is opened at 0900 and closed at 1730 every day. For how long does Juakali spend selling?
  8. Johnson started his work on Tuesday at 2045hrs and finished it on Thursday at 0120hrs. For how many minutes was he working?
  9. The bus started his journey at 1200hrs and reached at 1530hrs if the average speed was 20km/h, what distance did it cover?
  10. Find the average speed of a car if it travels 108km for 3 hours. (Answer in m/s)
  11. The average of five numbers is 42. If the first four numbers are 48, 54, 18 and 60. What is the fifth number?
  12. The sum of three consecutive numbers is 57, find the product of the lowest and highest number.
  13. One step of Mr. Juma is 0.65m. how many steps will he walk in the road having 14950mm long?
  14. The volume of a cylinder is 3.85 Litres. Find its height if the radius is 3.5 cm. (π = 22/7)



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You till today you don't knw the meaning of . In/=

Sir number (4) that (180.20.) That is 2 point or surprised surprised

That means 20 cents.
sh.180 cts.20

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