HOMEWORK 2.1 pre-STD 7

HOMEWORK Pre-std 7

1. Change 43.5% into decimal

2. Express 20 ¼% as fraction

3. Gloria is 6 times older than her daughter Anna. After 12 years, her age will be three times the age of her daughter. Find the present age of Anna.

4. The age of mother is three times that of her daughter. After two years, the sum of their ages will be 44 years. Find the present age of her daughter.

5. The age of Karen is ½ the age of Grefipa. But 8 years ago, the age of Karen was 1/3 the age of Grefipa. Find the age of Grefipa three years to come.

6. James spent 2/5 of his salary on transport, 1/3 of the remaining for food. If he was left with 3200/=, what was his salary?

7. 8 students can do a certain work for 5 days. How many more students are needed to do the same work in 4 days?

8. Ali, Joseph and David shared 9600/= in the ratio 3:5:7, how much did Joseph get?

9. The company charges 480/= for the first ten words, and 30/= for each extra word, if Shaitu paid 1290/= for sending a telegram. How many words did he send?

Simplify the following algebraic expression

10. Joel travelled 1/3 of his journey by train, 11/12 of the remaining by bus and he then walked the remaining 4km. How long was his journey?

Simplify the following expression

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