Homework 8.2


Study each of the following figures and answer the questions:


1. Which angle is the greatest of all?

2. Are angles WST and MNO equal angles?

3. Which is greater than the other angle ABC or MNO?

4. Which angle is greater than angle XQY but less than angle ABC?

5. Which is the smallest angle of all?


Draw a figure to represent each of the following angles:

6. Obtuse angle

7. Reflex angle

8. Acute angle

9. Right angle

10. Straight angle

11. Right angled triangle


Study the following figures and write the name of each type of the following angles:


17. Which of the following angles is a right angle?


18. How many right angles are in a rectangle?


19. Study the following figures and answer the questions below:


(a) How many obtuse angles are there in the figure above?

(b) Name the acute angle shown above.

(c) Name all the right angles shown above

(d) What type of angles are angles ABC and CDE

(e) What type of angle is angle BCD?


20. Write true or false for each of the following questions:

(a) An acute angle is small than 900 but greater than an obtuse angle. ……….

(b) A straight angle is equal to two opposite right angles. ………..

(c) A right angle is greater than an obtuse angle. ……………

(d) A reflex angle is greater than an acute angle. ……………

(e) An obtuse angle is less than a straight angle which is less than a reflex angle.

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