Homework 12.3


From the below illustration answer question 1 – 5:

1) How much money was collected at Saadani National Park?

2) What is the difference between the amount collected in Mikumi and Tarangire?

3) Which National Park collected the least amount of money?

4) How much money was collected in Serengeti National Park?

5) What was the total amount of money collected in the four national Parks altogether?

The following picture graphs show the number of apples sold by a shopkeeper in his supermarket from January - March in year 2008. Answer question 6 - 10.

6) In which month did the shopkeeper sell most number of apples?

7) How many apples were sold in all three months altogether?

8) In which month did he sell the least number of apples?

9) What average number of apples was sold per month?

10) How many apples were sold in March than in February?

Study the following picture graph and then answer question number 11-15

The number of pupils in four regions of Tanzania in year 2005

11) How many pupils were in Dar Es Salaam?

12) How many more pupils were in Dodoma than in Arusha?

13) Which region has the highest number of pupisls?

14) How many pupils were in Iringa region?

15) Find the total number of pupils in all four regions.

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