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Homework 12.2


1) Mr. George has money in different bank accounts as follows: sh. 15,000/= in A. sh 24.640/= in B. sh 19,750/= in C. sh 16,800/= in D and sh 10, 500/= in E. What is the average amount in each bank?

2) Our school project harvested a total of 18, 576 bags of maize in four years. Work out the average number of bags per year.

3)Eight teachers have the following weight: 78kg, 70kg, 69kg, 90kg, 79kg, 75kg, 82kg and 86kg. Find the average weight of the teachers.

4) Three pages have: 123 words, 134 words, and 145 words. Find the average words per page.

5) Jumanne scored 78 marks in Mathematics, 56 marks in English, 89 marks in Science, 95 marks in Kiswahili, 46marks in History, 74 marks in Geography 90 marks in Vocational skills and 85 marks in Physical Education. What is the average score in his subjects?

6) In the national campaign for fighting against AIDS, people volunteered to test for HIV. Some of the people living with HIV in five districts are distributed as follows: 2,470 people in district A, 3,153 people in district B, 2,422 people in district C, 4,755 people in district D and 5,790 people in district E What is the mean of the people living with HIV in one district?

7) The number of children employed illegally in 8 regions was as follows 324, 547, 235, 756, 288, 432, 211 and 132. Find the mean.

8) The income of a certain primary school from school projects in six years, i.e from the year 2001-2006, were as follows: sh 63,512 , sh 56,217, sh 62,600, sh 54,718 sh 78,886 and sh 98,443. Find the mean.

9) The temperature recorded for one week at a certain weather station was 35 °C, 39°C, 40°C, 41°C, and 42°C, Find the mean temperature of the week.

10) The road accidents were recorded in a certain city, in 6 years, i.e. 1989-1994, as follows: 2,673, 4,524, 3,546, 1,243, 4,563 and 2,645 accidents. What was the mean accidents?

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*** Mr. Yahya M (Badshah) ***

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