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1. The students haven’t ……..any work since yesterday
A. writes B. write C. writing D. wrote E. written

2. We are …..visit them very soon
A. goes B. went C. going to D. gone E. go to

3. He ……….to London next month
A. went B. shall go C. will go D. gone E. go to

4. I have ….in this school since 1996
A. been teaching B. being teaching C. been taught D. taught E. teach

5. Does the boy ………his hair every morning?
A. comb B. combed C. combs D. combing E. will comb

6. I always ……..up at 7 O’clock
A. wakes B. waking C. waked D. I woke E. wake

7. The bell …….ten minutes ago but Daniel is still playing
A. rang B. ring C. rung D. rings E. is ringing

8. Their father used to ………..a lot of money
A. has B. be C. having D. have E. had

9. Azam football team has ……..the National champions Cup
A. had won B. win C. wined D. wining E. won

10. They …… examination last month
A. pass B will pass C. passed D. passing E. was pass

11. Hashim ….an interesting story this time
A. is reading B. reads C. read D. reading E. was reading

12. My mother ….here two decades ago
A. will come B. came C. coming D. comes E. come

13. The pupils will be …..the classroom when we discuss their examination results
A. sweeping B. sweep C. has swept D. sweeps E. swept

14. They …waiting for us here, for half an hour.
A. had being B. have been C. had gone to D. shall been  E. will be

15. The elder pupils ……the villagers at present
A. are helping B. is helping C. helped D. help E. were helping


16. Mrs. Moyo has been a head teacher …………..1985
A. since B. for C. at D. often E. always

17. ……………his poverty he bought a beautiful house
A. Despite B. In spite C. Although D. Among E, Unless

18. Either a pupil or a teacher …..coming to meet you.
A. are B. can C. is D. were E. will

19. Mary took the photograph …. was printed in the news paper
A. which B. whose C. it D. where E. whom

20. Mr. Mwasandube is as handsome ………….his son.
A. than B. too-to C. as D. enough E. enough to

21. Yesterday my father was not ………alright
A. filed B. feels C. feeling D. fills E. felt

22. He….football every Saturday evening
A. is play B. played C. playing D. plays E. play

23. Oganga and I …. English now
A. spoke B. are speaking C. is speaking D. small speak E. will speak

24. The football match had already ended before the fans ……fighting
A. started B. start C. had start D. have started E. starts

25. The group of villagers …discussing about the water problem in their village
A. has B. were C. will D. had been E. is

1 E
2 C
3 C
4 A
5 A
6 E
7 A
8 D
9 D
10 C
11 A
12 B
13 A
14 B
15 A
16 A
17 A
18 C
19 A
20 C
21 C
22 D
23 B
24 A
25 E

******* HAVE A NICE DAY ********
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