Solution iii

20 1/2% is another kind of complicated percentage but this is not difficult as that contains decimal, see the steps below to deal with conversion of percentage into decimal that contains fraction.


Step one:  If the fraction is mixed numbers i.e. contains whole number and fraction as in the form  ab/c, make it improper to become in the form a/b, so from our question 20 1/2  is mixed fraction so to put it in improper for we do as follows:-


20 multiply by 2, then the answer add by 1 [ (20 x 2) + 1] and we obtain 41, that 41 will be the numerator of our fraction and denominator doesn’t change and becomes the same 2 so in general we obtain 41/2


The second step:  After obtaining 41/2 is to divide it by 100 as in normal condition.

41/2  divided by 100 (do as operation in division of fraction) we finaly obtain 41/200

The third step: Do as in our simple percentage, divide numerator by denominator using the long division method i.e. 41 divided by 200 as shown below:-


From the above the answer is 0.205


i.  If you aren’t given mixed fraction just don't bother your mind to find what to do just continue because   it is already in the form of  a/b  .

ii. Do as you do but without dividing by 100 you won’t obtain the correct answer because 100 is the meaning of percentage.


Work for number iv.




1.  Convert the following percentage into decimal.

(i) 54%    (ii) 65.8%      (iii) 760%        (iv) 42.5%         (v) 12 5/6         (vi) 6/7 %

(vii) 7%   (viii) 4.32%    (ix) 7/56 %        (x) 4 2/5%            


2.   Solve the following problems.


(i)   Mr. Abui spent 25% of his salary to by food, how do we express it as decimal?


(ii)  Express 540% as decimal.


(iii) You told your friend to borrow you 45% percent of 20,000/= but he/she didn’t  understand the amount until you express as decimal because she is not good in mathematics so what can you express  to make it understandable?


(iv) convert 5 3/8 % into decimal.


(v) Convert 60% into decimal.

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